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Saison 2023-2024 (danses apprises jusqu’au 27-06-2024 + danses extra)
1ère Partie
2ème Partie
Danses en Extra
Juillet 2024
Could’ve Been The Whiskey – April Coady
Doctor Doctor – Masters in Line – R Fowler P Machado P McAdam R Mcenaney
Roller Coaster – Daisy Simons
Wishful Thinking – Jim O’Neill
Juin 2024
Around The Fire – K Sala C Durand D Bailey G Richard
My kind of Music – Daisy Simons
Over The Moon – Stephen Rutter & Claire Rutter
Storm & Stone – Maddison Glover
The Trail – Judy McDonald
Tush Push – James Ferrazzano
Mai 2024
Corn Don’t Grow – Tina Argyle
Drinking Problem – Darren Bailey
El Merengue – R Sarlemijn D Bailey I Weisburd R Anthony Shepherd et R Verdonk
Hannah Road – N Lassalle et I Brindel Leduil
Honky Tonk Stomp – Woelfke – Woelfie (Modifié en contra)
In Love With a Waitress – Bert Vlug
Love Will Keep Us Alive – Daisy Simons
PlayBoys – Karl-Harry Winson
Turbo Polka – Maurizio Serafini Social Dance
Avril 2024
American Kids – Randy Pelletier
Cotton Pickin’ Morning (Every) – Steve Mason 
Country As Can Be – Suzanne Wilson
Grundy Gallop – Jenny Rockett 
Live, Laugh, Love – Rob Fowler
Lonely Drum – Darren Mitchell
Lover Please Come Back (P) – Bobby Houle
Red Hot Salsa – Christina Browne
Speak To The Sky – Keith Davies 
Where We’ve Been – Lana Harvey Wilson
Mars 2024
Ghost Town – Arnaud Maraffa
Texas Hold’Em – Guylaine Bourdages
Thinkin’ Country – Simon Ward
Février 2024
All Shook Up_-_Naomi Fleetwood-Pyle
A Devil In Disguise – Patricia E. Scott & Alan G. Birchall
At Your Worst – Colin Ghys
Hands On My Heart (P) – Vivienne Scott
Lover Please Come Back (P)_Lover Please – Billy Swan_Bobby Houle
Un Poquito – R McEnaney & Jo Thompson Szymanski
Janvier 2024
Burning The Road House Down – Rob fowler
JR – Gabi Ibáñez
Wheels & Roses – Lorna Mursell
When Your Heart Is Weak – Madeleine Geurts
Décembre 2023
Coastin’ – Ray & Tina Yeoman
Cowboys and Beer – Maxime Peeters
Mamma Maria – Frank Trace
Ready For It – Evan VanScoyk
Sixteen Steps (P) – Dennis Peterson
Stronger beer – Hana Ries
Novembre 2023
Amsterdam Moonlight – DJ Dan & Wynette Miller
Come Back My Love – Juliet Lam 
Dance With EveryBody – Michelle Wright
Go Cat Go – Gaye Teather 
I’m Alive – Bob Bonett 
Single Waltz – Inconnu
Wounded Heart – Lee Hamilton
Octobre 2023
Chicken Reel (P) – Pierre Mercier
Cucaracha – Hank & Mary Dahl
EveryBody Falls In Love Again – Francien Sittrop
Give Me Shivers – Brandon Sahorsky
Heave Away – Rob Fowler
Some Beach – Helen Born & Nina Lindley
We’re Good To Go – Rob Fowler
Septembre 2023
All American Promenade – Jim Arkness
Back To The Start – Hayley Wheatley
Coffee Days and Whiskeys Nights – Ivonne Verhagen
Cotton Eye Joe – Inconnu
Country As Can Be – Suzanne Wilson
Feeling Good AB – Lene Mainz Pedersen
Glass Of Wine – Malene Jakobsen
Lucky Lips – Gary Lafferty
Stand By Me – Raymond Sarlemijn & Roy Verdonck
Danses Débutants « Extra »
Around The Fire – K Sala C Durand D Bailey G Richard
Blue Bayou – Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs
Chill Factor – D Whittaker & H Westhead
Everybody Knows – Jane Thorpe 
Footloose – Rob Fowler
Never Get Old – Jef Camps & Daisy Simons 
Playboys – Karl-Harry Winson 
Radio Rock – Jan Wyllie 
Send Me A Letter Amanda – Marie Sorensen 
Snap – Yannick Wouters 
Swingin’ – Kelly Pelckmans
The Boat To Liverpool – Ross Brown 
Wintergreen – Maggie Gallagher
You Ain’t Dolly – Marie Sorensen
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